I love my friends

I had a really fun night this past Sunday with Jenn and Audrey Bitoni.  We went to STK for dinner, then we went to my friend’s house to party it up with a few peeps.  We took a lot of cute pics.

Jenn, Audrey and  I at STK in Hollywood

Jenn and I breaking balls

Last night Puma and I went to see “Machete”.  It was such a great action packed movie with an amazing cast including Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Linsay Lohan and Danny Trejo.  I definitely suggest you see it!  After the movies we went to a local bar which was new to both Puma and I.  Everyone loved us there.  After that we came back to my place and watched “Goodfellas”.  I love that movie.  It’s definitely a classic.

Tomorrow I am shooting for “Cubed” on FoxSports.com  The show just got picked up for it’s second season!  Congrats to all the cast, crew and production team.  On Wednesday I am lucky to be shooting with another great friend of mine Lisa Ann.  We are part of a big Brazzers production!  Brando will be directing, who also happends to be a friend.

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  Kisses

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