How can I sum this up?

How can I sum this up?  I’ve been up to so much (as usual of course) that I don’t know how to sum all of it up.  When I don’t write an entry in my blog for some time, too much piles up, and I don’t know where to start.

So my feature dance gigs in Memphis, TN and Cleveland, OH were long, but fun.  I spent two weeks back to back on the road.  In Memphis I made it a point to go out every day and eat at a different BBQ joint.  I’ve tried A & R, Corky’s, Neelys and Rendezvous and by far my favorite Memphis BBQ spot is Rendezvous.  I’m still craving their dry bbq ribs with dipping sauce at the bottom of the basket that the ribs are served in.  Oh my god those are good!!

I also went to Graceland with Ryan, who is my roadie and Danny who was helping us out while we were in Memphis.  So the three of us went to Graceland and took a lot of funny pics just for shits and giggles.

Inside of Elvis’ house

Look Elvis had a snow monkey LOL

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