Staying busy, having fun!

I’ve been so busy with shoots that I’m loosing track of time. My last blog entry was on May 9th, and I could have sworn I didn’t let that much time pass but when you’re so busy time flies!

Since my D2 movie shoot for skinworXXX I’ve been shooting, feature dancing and even did a fun store signing at Bizzy B in Hollywood with Puma Swede, the other half of Swenz.

I shot a hot girl/girl scene for Edge X. I also shot for Digital Playground in which I have a boy/girl scene with Tommy Gunn, as well as a boy/girl scene for Hustler Video with Otto Bauer, and I just wrapped up a two day shoot of “Sex Files 2″ for New Sensations in which I did a boy/girl/girl scene with Ramon and Bobbi Starr. What a hot scene that was!!

On Sunday, May 10th I flew out to Las Vegas with Lisa Ann for her Birthday. We had a day party at our cabana by a topless pool. Lisa Ann went topless for most of the time, I didn’t want to burn so I kept my bikini top on. Plus I had to shoot the next day so I didn’t want any tan lines.  I can have all the fun but I also gotta be a pro when it comes to my work.  ;)

We all had so much fun at Lisa’s party. Laura (who used to work for Naughty America), Vic from Brazzers and many of Lisa’s non adult industry friends were there. It was a very hot, very sunny day. Perfect day to be by the pool drinking and we did just that!

I was supposed to fly back that same day, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to leave at 5pm. So Laura talked me into changing my 7pm flight on May 10th to a 6:00am flight on May 11th, this way I’d still make my shoot.

The next day I got up at 2 am, showered, did my hair, packed and took a taxi to the airport to catch a flight back to L.A.  Once I landed, I drove home, re-packed, showered again and drove to set to shoot for Edge X. Since then it’s been non stop for me.  I’m glad you’ll have more steamy hot scenes to watch from me!!!  BENZ MAFIA

I feature danced at the downtown L.A. Spearmint Rhino for three nights this past weekend and during the day I shot movies. After pulling three 18 hour days of shooting and dancing I was pretty beat by Satruday night!  I have to say that this was my best feature dance performance that I’ve ever done in L.A.  Especially on Saturday night when Puma and Ryan were part of my show.  Let’s just say it was super freaky, super hot, super amazing!!

I got to finally relax yesterday at Puma’s slumber party. Laura, same Laura from my Vegas trip with Lisa Ann, came up from San Diego. We went to Sushi Dan for dinner, then we started our slumber party at 8. Ivy, who’s a friend and a make up artist, as well as Reena Sky (adult actress) came to the party also.  It was a fun girls only night that’s for sure!!  We all laughed so much and so hard that I think my ribs are hurting today from laughter.

Speaking of hurting, I went to the dentist this morning and had yet another roon canal done and some gum surgery. My mouth is really sore today and for most of the day I’ve been doing errands with a swollen face. LOL It’s kinda comical how my face looks at the moment even though I’m in so much pain. Ahhhhh! I’ll feel better in a few hours.

Tomorrow I’m catching a 7:00 AM flight to Oklahoma City where I’ll be hosting a party at Rok Bar from 11 pm on!  I’m really excited to be partying with my OKC fans.  Let’s do this!

Love you!

p.s. My scene with Rocco Siffredi comes out on June 2nd!!

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  1. Big Boobs says:

    Wow… very nice! I’m kind of speechless.. but had to let you know haha

  2. jakkie says:

    hi dear nikki im one of you&lisa ann fans and im realy excited when watch you and lisa together
    i realy love you but i cant see your photos or movies because my country filter your site i will be realy happy if you send your buty personal photos to me(

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